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Yo Crypto Review

Yo Crypto Review

Yo Crypto is not active anymore.

In the past, we’ve spent quite some time observing the premium channel of Yo Crypto. Because one of our readers recommended them to us. Today we’re going to update our review of the signal provider going by the infamous name of Yo Crypto. They are still trading strong but: The closed subscriptions are finally back to open again! So let’s go over what has been upgraded and improved in today’s review. As we said in our previous review they are still damn accurate with their BitMEX signals, not much has changed there. Ronny is still an extremely knowledgeable individual and is happy to help anyone where needed.

While monitoring the channel we often noticed them execute quite a bit before the actual move happened. Therefore facilitating both automated trading and manual trading. More importantly: Their trading team proudly consists out of people who have experience trading the stock market prior. A very tricky market to master and one that will greatly empower any trader to be strong in the Crypto Corner. We have found superb accuracy in their BitMEX signals and more importantly: They are willing to quickly adapt to what the market is giving them, not afraid to change bias or trades. This all added together provides a very strong signal provider which we were happily using in the past already.

As we said earlier: A reader has recommended them for the great success he had with them. At first, they were providing really damn good unleveraged altcoin crypto signals and had an additional channel, where he provided BitMEX signals. I joined both and as much I liked the altcoin signals, as much I was flashed by the accuracy of the BitMEX trades. I went out for a chat with Ronny, the admin of the channel who was and is a very friendly, respectful person. He has shown quite some knowledge, so I decided to take a look. I found a superb success rate with his Bitmex trades, as well as their altcoin signals. They don’t offer a bloated program of services – you pay a relatively cheap fee and get great signals for BitMEX and – once the market allows it, or once BitMEX is untradeable due to price action – general altcoins short-term and long-term signals, simple as that. We first had this provider in our post about Crypto Signals but decided to move it here, as the emphasis was on BitMEX, we figured. This service worked for me even in tricky times and if I am holding a position in the opposite direction than a Yo Crypto signal, I think twice about holding it further!


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The Offering

  • Excellent Bitmex / Altcoin Signals
  • Autotrading BOT
  • Long-term coin picks
  • Personalized support restricted to platinum members

The Signals

Continuing this review: The crypto trading signals by Yo Crypto have been excellent quality for us. The frequency is high for people who are looking to quickly improve their trading results. Their consistency is proven and they specialize in the things that they are good at. The Altcoin Signals are a BONUS that YoCrypto includes for their members. One must take note of the fact that the Leverage signals come very consistently and the Altcoin recommendations are of lower frequency. This is obviously subject to the market but on top of that: Yo Crypto tries to avoid overexposure in a very proper way.

During our testing period, we received signals on: XBT (BTC) TRX (Tron) ETH (Ethereum) LTC (Litecoin) ADA (Cardano) BCH (Bitcoin Cash) XRP (Ripple) ICX (ICON) & EOS (EOS). Many of these are found on BitMEX as well as almost all on Binance. It’s very nice to see how Yo Crypto proactively works on their strategy in order to stay in tune with whatever BTC is giving at that particular point in time. We haven’t really caught them with their pants down during our testing period. Their most used pairs are XBTUSD and ETHUSD for obvious reasons. We highly suggest you to check out their track record for further information. A quick insider note for you: his accuracy is astonishing – though there is one asset that drags his hit rate down: XRP – so if you want to add additional safety and likeliness of an almost perfect track record of winning trades, just skip the XRP trades.

In regards to the style, we would categorize Yo Crypto as a Breakout Trader. He always waits for the perfect conditions, like a hunter who is silently stalking and suddenly he enters like a sniper. Still, he always gave a good range to enter and I never had problems with my orders not getting filled.

Yo Crypto provides most often an entry range, along with the information of the current price, so he makes sure you have chances to get in at the suggested price. The targets are most often split to the amount of five. There are times where many signals hit, and some times where mostly the first 1-3 hit. The first three targets had the best hit rate in our test. We take the majority out on Target 1 – and leave the rest as play money. Once Target 2 has been hit, Yo Crypto moves the stop loss to breakeven, so you can simply let the signal run your way and try to achieve Target 5 if you wish. Stop/Loss to break-even, Leverage up to 100x or Cross – and you will set up enough free capital for further trades. Please make use of stop market orders to make sure your break-even stop always gets triggered.

Something we like in particular that we enter in relative small buy ranges, like for example $40-$60 on XBT or $1-$3 on the ETHUSD pair. Many other providers use wide entry ranges, where you have to split the allocated capital pretty much. if you use 10% for a trade in general, but you are advised to enter in 5 steps with huge difference, you will often end up with 2% trades and a much smaller outcome when closed in profit.

However, as everything in life, there is also a drawback with Yo Crypto. At least partly the reason for his incredible hit rate is his stop/loss distance, which is up to 25% away from entry. Given the fact his track record of success shows it hits pretty rarely, the risk is oversee able. Taking a 1 BTC account, which plays 10% on each trade, we would end up with a 0.01 to 0.015 loss for the 0.1 BTC sized trade. All things considered the Risk:Reward is still in place here, as you will see in the upcoming trade example.

In our previous review, we noted that you shouldn’t expect daily signals with Yo Crypto, we’re happy to announce that that’s different nowadays. During our testing period, we almost certainly saw daily signals, with some days exceeding 3 signals within 24 hours. Although we want to remain 100% fair about that statement: That’s partly due to the market acting as expected. They trade very fluently with what the market is giving them, so no one can guarantee trades every single day. Although it’s refreshing to see some real consistency.

Yo Crypto is obsessed with Bitcoin and observes it carefully to stop providing signals if they anticipate risky moves of corn. Very reliable signals group in critical situations prefers to play the safe card. They actively monitor the news and deliver trade updates to get out at breakeven if something happens that could affect the success of the current trade.

Signal Examples

Yo Crypto ADA Trade
Yo Crypto ADA Trade

 And here is how the trade looks on the chart:

The Results

The BitMEX signals by Yo Crypto have been impressive, they clearly have an edge on these markets. As you can see from the trade example Yo Crypto plays the safe card. Smaller targets, taking profits step by step – this is how it should be done. He just doesn’t go nuts, but basically locks in profits when they are there. In our test phase where we traded his signals, we didn’t have stop-losses hit and locked in some nice profits. There have been also larger gains than in this example but this is not about advertising to promise you heaven, but more to show you how responsible trading works. Yo Crypto does an excellent job with that. We have mentioned countless times how dangerous Bitmex can be – not being too greedy pays off! Be patient, follow his rules and the gains should come. And now – drumrolls check out the astonishing results, we checked them one by one, and they are real: see performance track record here.

We had a FANTASTIC success rate on each kind of signal and especially the Bitmex trades made us great profits. The signals have been so spot on, we can’t believe it at first – but the market did hit his targets very often super-precise. This indicates a deep knowledge of the markets. We felt very good guided by him, as he monitors everything happening around the corn and updates accordingly if, e.g. news appear which are not in our favor. You might not like that Yo Crypto does not provide the technical analysis with his trades, but we have been super happy with the consistent profits he was able to generate us. After testing his BitMEX signals for multiple months, we decided to side with his targets and trade direction, if we see conflicting signals. A very honest person, not cocky or anything with magic fingers when it comes to picking the right trades.

The Support

Channel owner Ronny is very responsive and knows his stuff. While the channel does not offer a chat room for his customers, he usually replies within an hour (depending on the time zones obviously). There is no particular chat room for community support or member chit-chat, which many might not like. We must note: Extremely thorough support is limited to Platinum members.

The Critique

Yo Crypto are great traders, but like with every other channel, there is a point of critique. While the entry ranges are small, the targets are often not far away, so with the first target the profits are not very big (mostly single digits). Considering the stop-loss which is up to 25% away from entry this could decrease your risk/reward effectively if the first two targets are hit predominantly. If we take the profit gains since inception and divide it through the number of signals given, we get an average profit of 19.1%. Nevertheless, we have a very long track record with this provider and you can see that two consecutive losers are pretty rare. Which is great for the longer term.

Another point of critique is a missing chat room. Many customers take this as a sign of lacking transparency and I get that. However, I really saw many good traders go down the river due a customer chat box. Every trader – even the best in the world – get some bad mojo sometimes. This is normal, you hodl through this phase, take more caution with the trades and then you get back on your feet. A trollbox can have a destroying effect on the trader’s mind. Customers lose money and are giving bad vibes, putting up tensions and pressure and the trader might lose his flow furtherly. I don’t take it as negative point, as it preserves the quality of a channel somehow, stil I get if customers feel it differently.

Customer Insights Reviews

The customer insights review has been provided by user Chandler Bing.

Yo Crypto signals group is arguably the best group for cryptocurrency calls. Their calls keep a great consideration of risk management, both in stop loss as well as not entering in times of uncertainty. By using exchanges such as bitmex, they are able to chase profits whichever direction the market moves and are amazing at calling it while keeping risks minimal.

Chandler Bing, Telegram

But we also got a second, more extensive one for you! This customer review has been contributed by @Tigerthijs – you may contact him to verify this review.

“I have been a member since october 2017. At first I was a bit overwhelmed with all the signals he was giving out for several alts (and even more with the amazing gains he was making). I was a bit skeptical because I thought it was too good to be true. I started following his alt signals right at the start of the bear market so i guess that was a little bit unlucky. After a while Ronny started to give out bitmex signals, after seeing all these gains again I did not wanted to FOMO in again. I just kept following his signals and saw that he was giving out great signals week in week out. As all my crypto money was stuck in Alts that got rekt I did not really want to add new money I just was watching it all unfold from the sideline. I was a bit afraid to join the world of leverage trading and therefore decided not to join in these signals.

In December I decided to allocate a small amount of money towards the bitmex calls from the yocrypto platinum club. I’ve lost a bit (mainly through my own mistakes, setting up stop losses incorrectly, not properly setting up the targets) but overall I definitely gained a fair amount of xbt using his calls. Now that I throughly know how Bitmex works, what the risks are, and what you can do with it, I will gradually increase the percentage of my holdings towards his calls.

Everytime I contacted Ronny he was very friendly and helpful and since i’m having these nice successes I referred 2 friends already! I think this is one of the best ROI you can get for a signal group.

Things I don’t like about the calls: Sometimes you have to set up a call and keep following it during the day to make sure you change the stoploss, set new targets, make sure you use the correct leverage and keep an constant eye on the calls to ensure that you make some gains.

Also sometimes Ronny decides to give you a BTC call followed by a ETH call and sometimes he does not. You can not really predict when this happens but in the majority of time ETH follows BTC blindly and vice versa.

These arguments are not really valid anymore. Since the update that Yo Crypto has put it’s paces through they now support automated trading in the form of Cornix. Effectively taking away all the stress for it’s members about following and updating trading calls. Funnilly enough: We’re still excited to be part of the YoCrypto Club and we can’t wait to see what the future brings!

To summarise, if you are looking for a legit, helpful, profitable and responsible crypto signals group, YoCrypto is the place to be!

The Judgement

Yo Crypto knows the markets in and out and his trading style might not give you 4-digit percentage wins, but it grows accounts slow and steady. His very successful trading style and his way to design the targets/stops are a good match together. we would not say this with every trader – but here it works out perfectly. Yo Crypto are perfectionist he loves the details and the small elements in the whole – connecting the dots. This is how their trading works and the long profitability streak (not one negative month since April ‘ 18) shows that you are in very good hands for your trading venture.