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What are futures pumps?

How does futures trading works?

Crypto Futures are special leveraged Long and Short trading signals available at all common cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance Futures, Bybit Futures, KuCoin Futures, FTX Futures and so on. Just trade them where you are able to trade crypto futures.   

Futures Pump are special trading signals or crypto signals from certain pump groups. The groups available to our PumpBot Pro Members pump large market cap cryptocurrencies. There are two way they can pump a cryptocurrency with a large market cap:

shorting futures pumps

This is the exact opposite of the LONG future pumps. After a decent price increase, a huge crypto pump many traders start selling their LONG contracts and hence the price will fall. That is the time we go short or we start shorting a coin to profit from falling prices.

LONG futures pumps

Those crypto telegram groups check all crypto tokens available to see if there is a possible for a short squeeze. This means when short contracts are about to get liquidated and the short contract holders need to buy back the coins and hence increase/pump up the price! This is where you go LONG!

Profit from the crypto pump and the crypto dump

Funny right? We make profits from rising and falling prices. That is what we offer you, the chance to profit from the pump and profit from the pump!