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Telegram crypto channel - Binance Killers

The Binance Killers crypto community has around 200 members on the VIP group and around 33k on the fremium group at the moment of this update. Being that they started less than a year ago, the community is growing steadily and surely. 

Customer support

As mentioned before, the support for this crypto signals telegram group is exemplary, knowledgeable and with admin responses that average at about 1 hour.

Payment options

Currently the Binance Killers group only accepts cryptocurrency, mainly BTC, with other crypto payment options available directly with the admins.

For one month subscription you will be paying 0.008 BTC (full list on the top of the page). In our opinion this is a downside of this trading group as it restricts it’s user base to people that are able to pay this kind of subscription in the first place. 
However for members that are comitted, the pricing decreases exponentially and we find that the lifetime subscriptions are the best deals with Binance Killers.

Trading education and other ressources

Education is one extremely important part treated by the Binance Killers group. By joining this telegram crypto channel you not only get quality signals but also market updates and education.
A lot of people have come flooding the markets in 2021 , and most of them don’t know how to trade at all. Thats where Binance Killers steps in , with an immense set of educational ressources and quality cryptocurrency trading signals. Furthermore, traders can ask questions directly to the admins that are more than glad to help. The value of this group is really in their overall service.

Binance Killers updates

Update May-June 2021:  The trading style that dictates at Binance Killers has allowed the group to survive and re enter at better prices during this big crypto market drop.



Our full  Binance Killers review has been supported by a 1 month test period where we tested their signals, support and reviewed their educational material.
Binance killers will be your helping hand in trading, a helping hand that IS needed in a hectic cryptocurrency market, where volatility eats profits, creates liquidations and destroys accounts. Binance Killers will help you trade, better and with low stress, as their signals usually cover mid to long term trades and have all the data needed for a trade to be executed. 
Verdict: Binance Futures Signals is now vetting Binance Killers as a legitimate and qualitative crypto telegram channel.