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PumpWinner review - scam or legit

Pricing: ≈$50 (monthly subscription)
Benefits: private pump Discord, multiple exchanges: Binance, KuCoin, Hotbit and (like PumpBot), automated Discord and Telegram pump groups scraping with OCR.
Disadvantage: Owner is offline (No Updates), you can’t even buy it anymore. So only two stars here.

PumpWinner is a bot that has been around for awhile and I was originally drawn to it because of the monthly subscription fee. But after using them more, I realized they weren’t providing any value compared with other newer pumps on offer nowadays so why pay? Now there are faster and prettier alternatives which make Pump winner seem outdated in comparison. PumpWinner has slowly but surely lost their reputation in the pump community which can be seen by how many of Members left for other pump dump bots. As of now the owner has quit and has left the project.