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PumpBo review - scam or legit

Pricing: $29 (starting monthly: credit card and PayPal possible!)
Benefits: Used on your VPS/Computer (no need to give someone your API Keys), all major exchanges: Binance,, KuCoin and Hotbit (more are planned), community-driven, signal scraping from Discord and Telegram pump groups.
Disadvantage: no GUI yet — is already in the making

PumpBot is my go-to for coin pumping and I would recommend it for those new to the scene or even pump veterans. As it is the most affordable (there’s no ridiculously high one-time payment you literally pay as you go on a monthly basis without any type of profit sharing – why would you share your profits ffs?). It is one of the simplest pump dump bots to use. PumpBot is a exe-file download program you can use on your Windows PC/ VPS, on MacOS via a virtual environment or on Linux via ‘Wine’. So no hussle there. A nice fancy looking GUI is planned and already in progress.

The big plus with PumpBot is how super active and helpfull the admin is in his Discord and how enganging the community is. This fact speaks volumes about the quality of the program as well as the fact they are not just vanish some day — like others did — and leave behind everyone. PumpBot provides a super fast pump and dump bot, a pump calendar so you don’t miss any pump paired with other usefull bots and even crypto signals for times when there are no pumps. This makes this membership a must-have in the pump universe to be long-term profitable — not just from pump signals.