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Key questions answered regarding pancakeswap pumps telegram

Are crypto pump groups pancakeswap legal?

Yes pump and dumps on pancakeswap are legal. Pancakeswap pump signals and the bought coins are decentralised and unregulated. Everyone can create a coin/token/cryptocurrency and sell it via pancakeswap. 

What is a pancakeswap honey pot?

Pancakeswap pump groups have two options to scam the participants and one of them is a so called honey pot. We make it short for you: a crypto honeypot is a coin or token that can be bought but not sold! You have heard right. You buy the coin on pancakeswap – in a pump event – and are not able to sell it. This is how admins scam their members. 

What are 100% sell taxes in pump and dump pancakeswap?

This is the second type how pump admins scam newbie crypto traders and with pancakeswap pumps: 100% sell taxes. In this case you are able to buy the pumping coin on pancakeswap but as soon as you try to sell it you lose 100% because of the sell taxes. It is a fee calculated on the amount of tokens you sell. And in this case when the sell taxes are 100% you lose everything to the pancakeswap telegram pump admins. The perfect scam. 

Pump and Dumps on centralised Exchanges

The PumpBot is a program or trading bot especially made for crypto pump and dump groups. It makes you faster and has many additional features that helps his user to profit from such pump and dump schemes. And that is the secret behind on how to profit from crypto pump and dump groups. It is a simple program that makes you faster than 99% of all others. Check it out now.