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How to win in a crypto pump and dump? - you need a PumpBot

What is a Crypto Pump and dump?

Pump amd Dump Crypto groups are huge telegram or discord groups that buy a certain coin at the same time. The pump coin is announced by the admins at a specific date and time and all users try to buy the coin as fast as possible which pumps up the price.

How does a Crypto Pump and Dump look like?

Below you can see a 1 second candlestick chart of a pump made by Yobi, hence we call it Yobi’s pump or yobi big pump signal. This was a really big pump signal pumping a coin more than 761%. As you can see, all manual buyers would have bought the first peak 4 to 6 seconds after the big pump signal. While PumpBot users would have bought early or in the first dip. 

kucoin pump yobi pump, pump bot result

Example: Yobi’s big pump signal KuCoin. Crypto Pump and Dump result: 761%. 

What do you need to win in pump and dump groups?

You are here because you already know that in crypto pump and dumps every second matters. One second late and you buy at a much higer price and make less profits or even lose. That is why we have developed the fast available program for crypto pumps: The PumpBot.

What do we offer you to help you?

You buy faster and before others at lower prices. Because this is what matters in pump and dump schemes: speed. But we don’t want solely provide the fast pump bot, we also added a few nice features to make profiting from pump and dump strategies even easier for you. 

This is what you get from us: a super fast Pump Bot with awesome features for maximum profits.