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How does a Crypto Pump and Dump with Pump Bot look like?

The usage of our PumpBot is really simple and straight forward. Let us give you a short explanation how a pump and dump scheme with our Pump Bot would look like.


1. Do your Pump Bot Settings

Just change the values according to your needs:

  • how much you want to invest,
  • if you want to place a ‘Market’ or ‘Limit’ order,
  • if you want to use the Detection Mode
  • and more…

The Bot is able to scrape telegram pump groups or discord pump groups to automatically detect the coin from text messages. And other features if you need them.

    "manualQuoted": 25, 
    "buyLimit": 2, 
    "detectionMode": "True", 
    "telegramGroupName": -1001219293084, 
    "discordChannelId": ["0"] 

2. Run your PumpBot

After the easy installation you just open the program and the pump and dump program will show you the information you entered.

After the successfull and fast buy the pump robot will show you the buy price and amount. So you can better to decide when to sell.

Pretty easy right? 

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3. Wait for the crypto pump Signal

Follow the desired crypto telegram and discord groups which gives a big pump signal. We do have a list of those telegram pump groups and discord pump groups in case you need more. We also add them to our Discord so you don’t miss them.

Now you only need to wait for the coin message and the PumpBot does his magic.

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4. Done. Effortless Profits

Your usual result with Pump Bot can look like this:

  • 203% Profit, 33.9 USDT into 102 USDT.

Pumps don’t happen daily and the frequency depends on the market situation and a few more factors. 

What are you waiting for? Get your Pump Bot today!

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