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How are the signals obtained?

The crypto trading signals can be generated in various ways. As opposed to the stock or forex market that has been here with us for years, the crypto trading market is a new phenomenon in the world of currency trade. It’s thus not surprising that many crypto traders do not possess the resources or experience to generate trading signals themselves. This explains why there are is a relatively large number of signal providers in the market today, making it difficult to identify which one works.

As of today, automated trading bots have become quite popular when it comes to the generation of crypto trading signals. The bots are designed and preconditioned to recognize a specific chart pattern as shown on the indicators, hence either open/close trade automatically on behalf of a trader. They can also send a trade signal to a trader, who will then make the final decision on whether to exit or enter the market.

Some traders are also embracing “copy-trading”, which is the act of copying what other experienced traders have done. The experienced traders and exchanges share these signals on social media networks or their platforms. That is, some platforms allow their users to replicate trades of other users automatically. Rookie traders find it more convenient to copy trade, thus making it one of the fastest-growing methods of trading crypto.

However, the most popular and proven method of generating trading signals is by applying technical analysis, where historical price movement trends of an asset are analyzed. In this case, traders use different indicators and tools to forecast future trends and find market opportunities.

Binance Futures Signals provide a long list of available indicators, which include moving average, trend lines, Fibonacci, Elliot, and oscillators among others. All the indicators can be applied across different time frames.