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Best Pump Bots to use for Crypto Pump And Dumps Telegram and Discord in 2023

What is a crypto pump and dump scheme?

KuCoin pump and dump crypot telegram pump signal bots

Discord and Telegram pump groups

When a Telegram pump group admin leads their followers to buy a coin at just the right time, thousands if not hundreds or more will invest. This event is also called a ‘big pump signal’. The sheer volume flowing into this one cryptocurrency causes it pump — you’ll recognize this as big green candles showing up all over your screen while everyone else watches in awe (and fear). Whether you know what they’re doing is pump and dump doesn’t matter because there’s so much money coming into play that any random person can get lucky!

Participate in a crypto pump dump scheme

When participating in a crypto pump and dump, you need to keep an eye on the chart of coin. At what price did I enter at? Remember that tens-ofthousands people are buying simultaneously with me so it’s virtually impossible for anyone else catch up during this time period — especially if they’re not using a Pump Dump Bot! The advantage is all ours because not only do we have our orders set ahead by many seconds or minutes, but also when it comes to selling. When the majority of pump bot users have already been faster than you you have two chances: 1. sell at a loss or hope for a second wave.

Manual Buyers vs. Bots

It takes the majority of manual buyers around 6 seconds to get in and out of a pump if doing it. This is a massive pain as you won’t be able to buy the coin at a low price and react fast enough if the price dumps when it comes to selling. So, when you do sell you will be very likely to make a loss… unless you are very lucky.

How do I become successful in PnD?

As of writing this pump dump bots are starting to gain more and more attention and to gain glory by super fast trading (bots need a fraction of a second to buy and sell the pumping coin for you). This ensures their users to make the maximum profits from crypto pumps. With many bots you can make 500% plus profits within a few seconds on some crypto pumps.

And that is why I made a list of the top 6 best pump dump bots on the market! (from my opinion and experience):

Overview: Top 6 best pump bots:

  1. PumpBot (price: $29 — overall rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)
  2. PumpSniper (price: $449 — overall rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐)
  3. BeexBot (price: $1800 — overall rating ⭐⭐⭐)
  4. MoonShot (price: $350 — overall rating ⭐⭐)
  5. PumpWinner (price: $50 — overall rating ⭐⭐)
  6. AltPump (price: buying credits and profit sharing — overall rating ⭐)

1. PumpBot (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

PumpBot Logo, Crypto Pump and Dump Logo small transperant

Pricing: $29 (starting monthly: credit card and PayPal possible!)
Benefits: Used on your VPS/Computer (no need to give someone your API Keys), all major exchanges: Binance,, KuCoin and Hotbit (more are planned), community-driven, signal scraping from Discord and Telegram pump groups.
Disadvantage: no GUI yet — is already in the making

PumpBot is my go-to for coin pumping and I would recommend it for those new to the scene or even pump veterans. As it is the most affordable (there’s no ridiculously high one-time payment you literally pay as you go on a monthly basis without any type of profit sharing – why would you share your profits ffs?). It is one of the simplest pump dump bots to use. PumpBot is a exe-file download program you can use on your Windows PC/ VPS, on MacOS via a virtual environment or on Linux via ‘Wine’. So no hussle there. A nice fancy looking GUI is planned and already in progress.

The big plus with PumpBot is how super active and helpfull the admin is in his Discord and how enganging the community is. This fact speaks volumes about the quality of the program as well as the fact they are not just vanish some day — like others did — and leave behind everyone. PumpBot provides a super fast pump and dump bot, a pump calendar so you don’t miss any pump paired with other usefull bots and even crypto signals for times when there are no pumps. This makes this membership a must-have in the pump universe to be long-term profitable — not just from pump signals.

2. PumpSniper (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Pricing: ≈$449 (one-time payment)
Benefits: Telegram and Discord Pump Groups scraping and auto coin detection from pics, GUI
Disadvantage: Owner offline, not many Exchanges, expensive

PumpSniper is a well-rooted pump bot. I tested their PnD Bot and from paying around I can give them the second place for the best price/usability combo. They did a pretty good job and one year ago they would have been my favourite bot. The Admins are giving a helping hand. You can visit their website here.

Update: PumpSniper has decided to not work on this project anymore as it seems like they had real life commitments that took priority but who knows. Time to search for a other bot.

3. BeexBot (⭐⭐⭐)

Pricing: ≈$1800 (one-off)
Benefits: Best looking GUI from all bots, good speed, pump detection, but only ready for Binance.
Disadvantage: Owner not is offline, not many Exchanges, too expensive

BeexBot offers some of the best features for coin pumping on cryptocurrency exchanges. The price tag might be too high if you’re just starting out, but it’s worth checking out once your funds grow since there isn’t much else available that has these particular capabilities or looks quite as sleek! Looks like the owner isn’t active any more as it doesn’t support other Exchanges like or Hotbit which are a must-have by now. You can visit their website here.

4. MoonShot.BOT (⭐⭐)

Pricing: ≈$350 (one-time payment)
Benefits: auto oco, supports other exchanges.
Disadvantage: Too expensive for what they offer, maybe not their own

One of the newest bots on this list. I have tried their bot and can say that it’s probably one-of slowest — sorry guys. Makes me think they downloaded a free python program, stuck there logo onto top and then tried selling it for more than what is worth. Interested to see how they evolve over time if at all possible? They seem pretty active in terms announcements within their Discord community so might be worth watching though not guaranteed for further improvements — we’ll just have to wait and see where things are going from here.

5. PumpWinner (⭐⭐)

Pricing: ≈$50 (monthly subscription)
Benefits: private pump Discord, multiple exchanges: Binance, KuCoin, Hotbit and (like PumpBot), automated Discord and Telegram pump groups scraping with OCR.
Disadvantage: Owner is offline (No Updates), you can’t even buy it anymore. So only two stars here.

PumpWinner is a bot that has been around for awhile and I was originally drawn to it because of the monthly subscription fee. But after using them more, I realized they weren’t providing any value compared with other newer pumps on offer nowadays so why pay? Now there are faster and prettier alternatives which make Pump winner seem outdated in comparison. PumpWinner has slowly but surely lost their reputation in the pump community which can be seen by how many of Members left for other pump dump bots. As of now the owner has quit and has left the project.

6. AltPump(⭐)

Pricing: paying for credits up front which aren’t refundable AND part of your profits
Benefits: nice GUI and web-based
Disadvantage: slow, paying for credits, no Discord Pumps scraping, rely on his hardware

AltPump is in this scence for more than a year now. He is the only one that provides a web-based solution for telegram pump signals — no Discord scraper yet. He is a nice and helpfull guy, but he is slow in development. It took him over a year to integrate the Telegram pump groups scraper and that isn’t even working with all groups — which all of the above listed bots are able to do.

The claimed advantages are also a big disadvantages. You pay as you go might sound good in the first place until you realise that you need to fund your account with some credits everytime which aren’t refundable. Also you rely on their hardware, their Servers to have a good speed and low latency to the Exchange. With all other bots you have this in your hand and the speed is what matters in this game. I wouldn’t give this important advantage to someone else. You will never know how the hardware for your success will look like.

To conclude: AltPump has a long way to go, and it will take a few more years until he is there were the others are already today. What I wouldn’t like is to share my profits while I have all the risks. My Risk my Profits – hence I can’t recommend this bot. 

Conlusion on the best Pump Dump Bots

To conclude, bots can be confusing if you don’t know how to use them. For that alone, I’ll point out PumpBot and Beex are the bots to win in pump and dump schemes. I thought it would be nice to compare the bots and point out the benefits and disadvantges from the ones available. There are a few more, but they just banned me right away — not a nice way to build trust to someone new!

PumpBot is the most active project and have stretched out into other niches to provide their customers more ways to profits from big pump signals and more. He is also one the is relentlessly trying to do improvements based on users feedback. Let’s see how others are able to compete with this over the long run.

If you like this comparison or found this useful then feel free to subscribe and share this with everyone that wants to find the best pump dump bot on the market as of writing this.

Keep making profits!