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AltPump review - scam or legit

Pricing: paying for credits up front which aren’t refundable AND part of your profits
Benefits: nice GUI and web-based
Disadvantage: slow, paying for credits, no Discord Pumps scraping, rely on his hardware

AltPump is in this scence for more than a year now. He is the only one that provides a web-based solution for telegram pump signals — no Discord scraper yet. He is a nice and helpfull guy, but he is slow in development. It took him over a year to integrate the Telegram pump groups scraper and that isn’t even working with all groups — which all of the above listed bots are able to do.

The claimed advantages are also a big disadvantages. You pay as you go might sound good in the first place until you realise that you need to fund your account with some credits everytime which aren’t refundable. Also you rely on their hardware, their Servers to have a good speed and low latency to the Exchange. With all other bots you have this in your hand and the speed is what matters in this game. I wouldn’t give this important advantage to someone else. You will never know how the hardware for your success will look like.

To conclude: AltPump has a long way to go, and it will take a few more years until he is there were the others are already today. What I wouldn’t like is to share my profits while I have all the risks. My Risk my Profits – hence I can’t recommend this bot.